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Area rugs are an excellent combination of form and utility and beautifully crafted hand rugs are veritable works of art. Most handmade area rugs are made from fine quality wool that is capable of withstanding the rigors of heavy traffic and regular cleanings. High quality handmade area rugs may have a density of 750 knots per square inch and above.

Cutting Garden:  150 Buttercup
Retail Price: $39
Our Price: $29.25
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Sailor Boy: Parrot
Retail Price: $200
Our Price: $150
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Cutting Garden:  150 Buttercup
Retail Price: $291
Our Price: $218.25
Round Braided Rugs

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Area rugs have evolved into unique shapes and designs all over the world. Oval braided rugs have history dating back to the colonial period in the U.S. They are popular even today and oval braided rugs in shades such as brown, blue, or green lend a rustic feel to a room. Area rugs can also have a luxurious lush pile in warm colors that accentuate a feeling of cozy comfort.

Andy Warhol: 112X
Retail Price: $222
Our Price: $199.8
Contemporary Rugs

Lanai: 525
Retail Price: $219
Our Price: $197.1
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Evolution: 5110 Black
Retail Price: $289
Our Price: $216.75
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